Friday, February 11, 2005

Joe is the Cable Guy

If you call Joe at work and ask him when he is coming home, you will get one of three answers.

“A Decent Hour” – sometime before 7
“Normal Time” – between 7 and 9
“Late” – after 9

It reminds me of when you need your cable fixed and they tell you the technician will be there sometime between noon and 5.

The worst part is, he won’t even provide this general estimate until late afternoon at the earliest.


How am I supposed to plan dinner when he won’t tell me when he’s coming home? (Ok, that’s a total lie. I never cook dinner. But I EAT dinner, and I never know if I should have a snack or not. This is important stuff.)

I still haven’t finished the little baby jacket for SW Trading Company. And I am convinced I will run out of yarn before the hood is complete.

So I was sitting here thinking “I don’t have any blog pictures today.” I looked to my right, and saw this:


The socks for my mom that need to be ripped back and made smaller.

Then I looked further to my right and saw this:

coffee table

My fancy pink cabled sweater on the coffee table.

Then to my left:

The baby jacket almost done, sitting on top of my laptop on the dining room table.

Just to the side of there we have:


Two bags with pink yarn (for the sweater), Clapotis yarn, and Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino sent to me long ago by Nancy.

And last but not least, my WIP bag:


You can see Clapotis, some Knit Picks Yarn, and some Lush I bought a while back as well. Jack is eyeing the yarn suspiciously, trying to come up with new ways to keep me from knitting. He knows with our current schedule there is not a chance on gods green earth I will get this all done.

Knitting on Sunday maybe? I heard from Nick (no Parley, not your Nick, knitting Nick) and he wants to get together with some knitters. Someone on the board was talking about it as well. If anyone is interested let me know – the rain is supposed to be over by then so we could conceivable knit outside.


Blogger SquareSlant said...

Jack is a doll!

I wanted to let you know I stole your 100 things about me idea - but gave you credit. Hope that is ok.

Is knitting hard? I can crochet - but never tried knitting.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Jack is developing ways to sabotage knitting projects in the future. Yarn is enchanting as we all know. Mom

7:57 PM  

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