Friday, March 18, 2005

Ah, Knitting

Knitting at Coffee Rush today was mostly fun, although Jack didn’t really cooperate and there was some mild tension in the room. Knitting is supposedly more relaxing than yoga, but you’d never know it these days. I left feeling like my stomach was in knots.

Angus was having a good time, however. He fell asleep with his thumb falling slowly out of his mouth. I caught him mid air:


It was a pretty small group. Ede and Val were there, Bobbie Gray, Alison, Peggy, Pam (not crochetmeister Pam, Kim’s friend Pam), and of course my mom and me. I started the Mariposa Shawl from SWTC. Man is that a hard project. I’ve already ripped it out once, and I’m afraid I may be doing so again. Here’s a shot of how far I am just to give you some perspective:


308 stitches with a 34 stitch pattern that repeats 9 times. It’s pretty involved and probably not the best knit for talking and drinking tea.

This afternoon I went to visit my friend Donna and her daughter Brett in the hospital. They are moving Brett out of the ICU tonight and starting physical therapy Monday. Donna is in a very scary place and I give her all the credit in the world for keeping her spirits up. She is about halfway through her scarf project I brought her, so next week I will teach her how to purl and find a quick and easy sweater pattern she can make. She is a very good student, and even learned how to rip back rows on her own.

My other student, Julie, is going to start Ribby Cardi soon. She decided she wanted something to wear, so I recommended this project for her. She’s going to get some KnitPicks yarn and we’ll get her started. I am very pleased with her progress – she’s accomplished quite a bit in the midst of having a baby.

I just ordered a pizza for dinner and the girl on the phone said “Oh, you have 2 free pizzas coming to you!” Apparently we have ordered from Z Pizza so often that we are being rewarded with a few free pies. That’s pretty sad. This is my big treat for the week because I don’t have to weigh in again until next Friday and I lost 3 pounds this week! Yay for me. Only 8 more to go to be at pre-pregnancy weight. I have to say, carrying around a 17 pound baby does help the weight-loss happen more quickly. My goal is to be back in my real clothes by my birthday in May and I’m certainly on the way there.

I’m hoping to get some knitting in tomorrow while the boy goes to visit his grandparents in Chandler. Then on Sunday I’m going to head up to Scottsdale to hang out with my mom and possibly the ever-elusive Parley.


Blogger Kirsten said...

Hey there. I am so glad to hear your friend's daughter is getting out of ICU. I was worried about her when you hadn't mentioned her. Phew! I want to start Mariposa but need to free up some neeldes and cords! (Not to mention finish the tank I'm working on for SWTC.....) Good luck with it. Use lots of stitch markers and count often - that is my mantra for knitting lace ;).....-Kirsten

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