Thursday, March 17, 2005

Knitting on the Town

Knitting at Mama Java’s last night was great, although a bit cramped. Apparently they double booked themselves and had some type of Irish reading going on in the main area, so we were crammed in the back room. The owner felt so bad she gave us free cookies, and I promptly ate them and destroyed my diet for the week. I’m really sad because some people came and didn’t find us. Judi Binderman – the one who makes those cool glass bead stitch markers and has the big felted bag – just posted on the yahoo group that she came and didn’t see us. What a shame! We should have put up a sign or something.

I took a few pictures before it got too crazy:

height="375" alt="mama java" / />
Becky, Eva and June

mama java 2
Pam, Melanie, and Martha

And as usual I did not knit a stitch. Jack was wide awake and wanted to walk around and see what everyone was making. We met a new girl named Lauren who is making a scarf out of a yarn called squiggle. It is her first project and looks really hard to knit with, but she seemed to be enjoying it. And Eva’s friend Karen is making Clapotis out of pink cotton twist. And I also met Michelle’s friend with red seatbelt purse. Her name is escaping my muddled head right now, but I’m sure Michelle will pop by and tell me what it is.

All in all we had a great time and as always I am glad I went. Jack is getting too old to take with me though, so I’m going to have to work out a deal with Joe to watch him while I go knitting. Elaine was nice enough to watch him while we had a quick committee meeting, but of course he didn’t last sitting in the stroller. He just doesn’t lie around and sleep like he did when he was a newborn!

This morning Joe came in and asked when I made his coffee. Why? I wondered. Is it not still hot? (we have one of those insulated carafes, so I could really make the coffee at midnight and it would still be good in the morning). I made it at six when I got up with the baby. Um, you forgot to put coffee in, was his reply, and I was wondering if you made it in the middle of the night is all. I had successfully brewed my darling husband a pot of hot water. Filtered hot water, however, because I HAD remembered the filter, just no coffee.

I think it’s times like these that Joe realizes I’m really not all here. And it probably worries him that I’m carting his baby all over Tarnation during the day. So far I haven’t left him anywhere though, so we’re doing just fine thank you very much.


Blogger Stephanie Distler artist said...

I have been enjoying your blog for the past 30+ minutes. I have been wanting to have a gathering of beady stitchers, meeting in random places, across our county, for quite sometime. You all have done it with knitting stitchers beautifully, such a cool group of women and babies along too, lol...
funstuff. If you don't mind I am going to plug you on my artblog

8:08 AM  

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