Monday, March 14, 2005

Baby Blanket Clapotis

Once I got it in my head that I was going to modify Clapotis to make a baby blanket for Elissa, I couldn’t stop myself from casting on and seeing how it would go. I considered many different yarns, but came up with Lion Brand Micro-spun. I know this isn’t the fanciest yarn in the world, but it’s washable, soft, and she won’t have to worry about ruining it. So I cast on for a prototype of the blanket just to see what I thought of the yarn in this pattern. Here is how far I got:

baby clapotis

Now comes the color choice difficulties. She is not finding out what type of baby it is, so I have to stay away from blue and pink. I was actually considering off-white but I’m going to run by Michaels today and see what I think of the colors in person. I really like the lime green as well, but I’m not sure if that’s her thing.

Yesterday at Pita Jungle was fun. There were 10 of us I think and we had a grand old time. Here are some pictures from my side of the table – I was too lazy to get up and walk around. I know Pam is disappointed because she loves seeing herself on my blog. Next time Pam.

jack at knitting

sunday knitting
Val and Ede

Today I’m meeting Michelle at Postino’s for some afternoon knitting and wine. I hope Jack decides to behave (i.e., sleep) and I can work on my prototype blanket. I haven’t received the needles for Mariposa so I can’t cast on for that yet. I ordered from Knit Picks and they shipped a week ago and still aren’t here! That is very disappointing.

If anyone wants to join us at Postino’s send me an email or just come – we’ll be there around 1:30.


Blogger kmckiernan said...

I love Lion Brand microspun, I just finished a pillow with it and it's soo soft. I love the periwinkle color but it might not be appropriate for a gender neutral baby blanket. Maybe coral or green?

3:02 PM  

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