Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wine Fight!

I’m loving this Micro-spun Clapotis prototype blanket I’ve started. I’m going to do a few extra increase rows to get it to about 35” and then immediately start decreasing – that will make a squarish blanket, right? I guess we’ll see. The biggest problem with the blanket is here:

clapotis with wine

That is a small wine stain from knitting at Postino’s on Monday. Michelle threw wine all over me when I said something to make her mad. Luckily it did not get on my pink sweater, just this little bit on the blanket. Here it is from afar, you can see the stain in the lower right corner.

clapotis with wine2

I will have to be more careful when knitting Elissa’s blanket and stay away from Michelle and her red wine! Especially because I bought the yarn yesterday and it's off-white. (I made her pick the color and told her I was making a blanket because I was leaning towards colors I knew she might not like. I’m glad I did because she picked off-white. I would have made lime green and I think she would have thought it was bizarre. Plus, I really hate surprises, especially when it comes to something that is going to take a ton of time. )

Yesterday was probably the last of the cold days here in Phoenix – a small wind came through and cooled things off. I needed a picture of Jack in his sweater my mom made him before it’s too small to fit over his head:

grandma sweater

This made me realize why I don’t like to knit baby sweaters. Seriously, the little guy is almost 4 months old and he doesn’t really fit in baby stuff any more. If those 4 months fell in the warm season here, he never would have worn this sweater at all. Baby clothes on the whole are somewhat frustrating. I was at Nordstrom the other day and a woman was trying to sell me $35 rompers for Jack. Um, I’m sorry. $35? At best he will wear it for a few months. And Carters makes a similar romper for $8, although it is lacking the small polo horse stitched over the pocket. I’m not against expensive clothes at all, but for a baby who is growing like a weed it just seems a little excessive.

Knitting tonight at Mama Java’s! I love knitting there and it looks like the group will be smallish, so hopefully we’ll get some good chatting time in as well. Plus my mom is coming, so someone else can hold my wiggly child for a while. Jen, I hope you make it – we all miss you!


Blogger Eduknitter said...

Wine stain on your blanket, wine stain on your blanket! Brooke, how did you expect me to react when you told me about the changes you plan to make to the infamous Clapotis. The most magnificent knitty pattern ever to be written...Oh, the horror. Honestly, if you are going to shock me like that again, you had better meet me at a place where I can get a real drink. At least a vodka tonic won't stain. In all seriousness, try putting some white wine on the stain or buying that wine stain stuff from Sportsmans (it totally helped me get the deposit back from my last apartment). I think the new clapotis is knitting up beautifully. Lets try to get together next week for some evening knitting. I'll try to control myself, I promise. Michelle

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