Friday, March 11, 2005

still no clapotis

Sadly Jessica did not have the yarn, and she said it would take a few months to get her order from Lorna’s Laces. Drat it all, I wanted to finish that crazy shawl. I did find the yarn online, however, at this great site called Jimmy Beans Wool. I found them through Elizabeth who commented on one of my posts and they are located in Reno, Nevada. They have an incredible online selection – I was very impressed. Shipping is a flat $4 so I’ll let you know how the whole experience is once the yarn arrives.

Joe was funny yesterday – I told him I was going up to Jessica’s because I ran out of yarn. He said “Impossible. I know you didn’t run out of yarn. I’ve seen how much you have.” Well, Joe, yarn is not interchangeable.

I am considering making a baby blanket using the Clapotis pattern. A friend of mine is having a baby in July and two things occurred to me. 1. This pattern would not be boring to knit, as most blankets are. 2. It would be good for Arizona because it’s so warm here and the blanket would be light and airy. (Provided I make it out of something other than wool.) I measured one of our blankets and it’s 35” square, so I would have to make additional increase rows and not as many straight rows. I think it could work.

My friend’s daughter is not doing so well, so I will not be going to teach her to knit today. I am very worried, when she called this morning I could tell she was crying, and she said Brett (that’s the daughter) was not as responsive today as yesterday. I hope everything works out okay, I know this is very stressful for Donna. And I can’t go visit because of the baby – no children are allowed at all and my mom is out of town. So I’m going to try and swing by tomorrow at least to say hello and see if they need anything.

Ok, see everyone at Pita Jungle on Sunday. I think I will be working on the pink sweater again because I finally broke down and bought another pattern (this time I made a copy so I won’t lose it yet again.) I just have to figure out where in the heck I am on the pattern and we’ll be good to go. In case you all forgot what it looks like, here it is so far:


Or, I may cast on for the Mariposa shawl if I get the needles I ordered in time. 47 inch circulars sound awfully big, but I guess to cast on 308 stitches you really need it to be that long.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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