Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Kindness of Strangers

I want to thank Lynn of Mindful Moderation. She commented that I should get a sling and I mentioned to her that I have one but it's too hot, so I'm having my mom make me a Maya Sling. Lynn is sending me her left over rings to make the sling, as well as a spare pouch sling. I don't even know what it is, but I am overwhelmed that she would go to the trouble of sending it to me. So thank you Lynn. (You should go to her site, she has a very cute sun salutation decoration on her blog.)

You may have noticed I am lacking in knitting content lately. I have gotten in a rut with my knitting, and I wasn't very excited about anything I was doing. I think the key for me is to have enough projects going on at one time so I can bounce back and forth and not get bored. Many of my projects are stalled. Clapotis had a problem because part of it fell off my needles and some of the stitch markers fell off. Pink Sweater – I'm missing the pattern. Red sweater is coming along. Purple baby SWTC test sweater needs the hood attached, and I can't seem to figure out how to do it. New SWTC test knit is sitting on the red chair (Kim, I would be willing to trade you if you want.)

So tonight I went to our SnB meeting at Changing Hands. Jack wasn't cooperating at first and it took me quite a while to get him settled. But finally he quieted down and I got Clapotis back on track. Tomorrow I am going to find the pattern for Pink Sweater, or I am going to call Jessica and have her send me another one.

Earlier today I went to Jessica's with Julie and Kim. We showed up with all three babies and took over the couch area – I think the other customers were a little alarmed, but it wasn't too busy so I don't think we specifically ran anyone off. Here are the pictures from our visit:

kim at jessicas

Kim working on her cool sock

Julie at Jessicas

Julie finishing her cousin's scarf

mac at jessicas

Mac sitting in the bouncy seat watching his mom

angus at jessicas

Angus slept the entire time we were there.

jack on lap

And Jack, sitting on my lap. He is a little needy these days, so I did not knit a stitch. (Nor did I spend any money.)

I didn't take my camera in to the SnB meeting tonight, but it was really fun. Not too crowded like some of the meetings have been in the past. I got to see Paula (a regular commenter on the blog) and Heather and Eva. I got to see some really cool stuff – Sherry finished this incredible crocheted vest, Alison brought her baby blanket, Pam had this cool scarf that she is submitting to the new SnB book, and Jen had some new yarn from her birthday celebration.

So I should have more progress on my knitting soon. Gloria is taking the baby on Saturday and I may lie in bed in my pajamas and knit all day long. Joe's trial is over tomorrow as well, so my evenings will be a bit easier.

It was good to see you all tonight! Hopefully we'll get to have some spring break daytime knitting in the next few weeks. I know Michelle is up for some Postino knitting, and I think Duck and Decanter has been suggested. Ymmmmm.


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