Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Essenza Coffee House

Last night I drove down to Mesa to knit at Essenza. Jen guilted me into it since I haven’t seen her in forever and she was going early. Jack behaved at first, hanging out on the couch. I think I got three rows done on my baby blanket prototype before he started to fuss. Here he is flailing his arms about:


Unfortunately it all went south after that. I tried everything in my powers to get him to go to sleep so I could enjoy the evening. No dice. As I’ve said before, I’m going to have to start finding a sitter for my knitting outings or at least bring my mom. He’s just way too high maintenance to have around unless he’s in a good mood.

A few people did make it. Becky was there, Eva and Jude. I had never met Jude because she usually goes to the Gilbert group on Tuesdays, and I was disappointed I didn’t get to talk to her. Her email address suggests she’s a doula, and I think Kim said she home-schooled her kids. I am fascinated by people who do this – I feel like I would send Jack to school now if I could get away with it!

Here is a shot of the knitter before I had to scram:


Anyhow, the baby blanket is coming along. I really need to get moving because the shower could be as early as April 20th. I’ve gotten to the point where I would normally start the straight rows, but I’m going to continue to increase until I get to 35 inches or so, and then immediately start the decreases. I hope it turns out okay.

No progress on Mariposa – I smartly decided not to try and knit on it while I talked to Jen and dealt with the baby. I know I would have screwed something up!


Blogger Allena said...

wow looks like fun! sorry you baby wouldn't let you knit! i totally know how that goes! i have a little girl 5 months old! somedays she's so nice to my knitting others....not so! LOL it just makes me knit quicker when i'm able to! LOL
maybe next time!
happy knitting

6:25 AM  

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