Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Welcome to the Desert

In my travels, people often ask me if Arizona is full of cowboys and rattlesnakes. I used to say no, of course not, it's a hip metropolitan city, the sixth largest in fact. My father is setting out to prove me wrong however. Here is the latest snake he has killed in his yard – the fifth snake to be exact.


I have run across snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and coyotes living here in the desert. This is by far the biggest, scariest snake I've seen. I am glad I wasn't there when he found and killed it.

I realized today that as a stay at home mom my house should be in much better order than it is. I am not and have never been a good cleaner – if there is one thing Joe and I agree upon it is the fact that we must have someone come and clean our house once a week. But it should be NEATER. I should be able to take a picture in the house and not worry about what is behind the kid – like the coffee table or the kitchen counter – that will make me look bad.

So I am going to try and neaten up our house. I suppose it is part of my job since I do stay home with the little guy all day. Not a very fun part of my job, mind you, but part of my job nonetheless.

As Julie and Parley know from living with me, this idea is laughable at best. Brooke? Living in a neat house? I know, I know, laugh all you want.

The problem is this neatening project takes away from knitting. And knitting may be the single thing that is keeping me sane. Therefore, I may just lose my mind. (And hush those of you who want to make smart comments about how I already have.)

Speaking of comments, why can't I get my comment counter to work? I hate haloscan now, but I can't figure out how to go back.


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