Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Save This Animal

My husband and I grew up together, although we didn’t meet until we were 25. (Ok, Parley just pointed out my error. Actually, he left me a voice mail calling me a filthy liar. We met when we were 27. Sue me.) We went to the same grocery store as children – Smitty’s Big Town on McClintock and Baseline – and ate Parfaits at the ice cream counter in the front. We both watched Wallace and Ladmo, played outside in 110 degree weather (which required we learn to swim at a very young age), and most importantly, went to the Phoenix Zoo.

Back then, when you first walked into the zoo there was an exhibit of Capybaras. Many of you may not know, but the Capybara is the world’s largest rodent. They lived happily for many years there at the zoo entrance, enchanting young children and lazing in the mud.

In another corner of the zoo was perhaps the scariest exhibit ever – the alligators. To get to the actual viewing platform you had to cross over a creaky bridge surrounded by reeds and tall grasses. If you looked between the planks as you walked, sometimes you could catch a glimpse of an alligator swimming below. It always gave me goosebumps to walk out there, knowing any minute I could fall in the water and be eaten in one chomp. (I was a small child with a wild imagination.)

The zoo has made many changes over the years. Some are great – the monkeys and the wallabies are both in open exhibits where the people can mingle with the animals. Some, well, see for yourself:


This is a lone capybara. He is living in what used to be the alligator exhibit, stuck up on a hill surrounded by a murky lake. The reeds and grasses have been cut back. Two storks wander aimlessly by. Storks? What do they have to do with capybaras? And where are all his friends?

Joe is tired of hearing about the plight of the capybaras. He is working with the zoo board this year on some family initiative, and one woman asked if she could call me to get my opinion as a stay at home mom. He won’t let me talk to her because he’s afraid I’ll embarrass him about the capybaras. He’s probably right.

For those of you who come here to read about knitting, here is my progress on Mariposa:

third repeat

I’m to the third set of repeats on the lace.

And I finished a sample for the class I’m teaching at Craftmart. Here it is displayed on my favorite baby:

scarf with jack

I always forget how much ribbing pulls in the fabric. I did a 2x2 rib at the beginning and here you can see how much smaller it got:

scarf close

I left it in though because I think it will be a good example to show people how different stitches act.

My next task is to find some yarn to do my master knitter swatches. It’s supposed to be light colored and worsted weight. I have some yellow from knitpicks, but I’m afraid it might be too dark. I have white Patons wool, but I don’t love it. If anyone has suggestions let me know.


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